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Is there a way to count verb tense usage within a range

Tim Stevens

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Hello, I am fairly new to Accordance searching but would like to see how often various Greek verb tenses are used within the book of Revelation. Something like present = 50; aorist = 200; perfect = 7, etc. I would use this information to guide other searches. Thank you.

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 [VERB present]  <AND>  [RANGE rev] 

Does this find what you’re looking for?

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Thanks for the assist, but actually this is not what I am looking for. I would like to do an analysis where I can get counts of the verb tenses in the book of revelation. So I would get a list, table, or chart that would show the following information in some form:


Tense:         Count:

Present          123

Future            456

Aorist             1234

Perfect           78

Pluperfect       6


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The best approach is to make the search broad and then use the Analytics to get an overview of the results.


1. Search for: [VERB] [RANGE rev]

2. Select Pie Chart from the analytics button at the right side of the search entry bar.

3. In the Analysis Pie Chart tab, change the Class pop-up menu to Tense.


The Pie Chart will show you the count for each tense.


You can also get this information in textual form by choosing Analysis from the Analytics button. Then from the Gear menu, choose Customize Analysis Display. In the column, delete LEX and drag Tense from the palette into the column. Click OKAY, and you'll see a breakdown of the tenses.


Hope this helps.

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David - Thank you very much! Not only did this answer my question but your detailed explanation educated me more on how to use these capabilities in Accordance.


Thanks again!

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