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Text delay in Browser

Adam Hess

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I am currently using the latest version of accordance on both windows 10+11 (different computers). 


One thing that has been an annoyance for me is attempting to use the browser in accordance. Love the idea and would like to utilize it, however, every time I use the browser there seems to be a delay from typing and appearing on the screen (only in the browser). What I also find peculiar is the text might only appear when I move the cursor. 


Just hoping for some guidance on this.  

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  • Adam Hess changed the title to Text delay in Browser

Hi Adam,


We were sorry to hear of this difficulty. I just tested this but cannot reproduce this issue. It is strange that it is happening on two separate computers there, but not happening here. Have your computers been restarted recently?  Has your router been power cycled yet?


Accordance Safe Mode will allow you to easily remove or disable User Content, Settings, Connectivity and do Clean up for troubleshooting purposes. 


In order to open Accordance Safe Mode on a Windows computer, press and hold your ‘alt’ key ‘immediately after’ you click on the icon to open Accordance.


Please select ‘Remove startup session’ and then launch Accordance. If this doesn’t correct the issue, you can go back into Accordance Safe Mode and select ‘Remove General Settings’ and then relaunch Accordance. This will reset some of your personal preferences and you will need to put in your name and account information again, but this is normal.


If none of these suggestions work, you can contact us directly at techsupport@accordancebible.com and we can arrange a time for one of us to screen share with you to try to figure this out.




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I seemed to have figured out the problem. I went into preferences and into the Web and Text Browser subsection, I decided to click "use legacy web browser" and it seemed to fix the issue. I've tested it and no issues so far. 


Thank you for replying, and apologies for not getting back to you. 

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Thanks for letting us know how you fixed it!

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