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Problem with printing content of a tab — text is tiny


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I am trying to print the contents of a tab (see screenshot). My settings are:


1. Page setup: margins, 0.589 inches top, left & right, 0.787 bottom. See screenshot. (By the way, how do I get the dialog to use mm?)


2. Print settings: as shown in screenshot. If I check "Page width same as tab" it sometimes tells me that the tab is too wide. My font size is 11 and 12 in the two panes respectively and 11 in the Print settings.


3. Print dialog: as shown in screenshot. I am using the FinePrint spooler so that I can preview the output before wasting paper on the printer, but all my printers are set to print on A4, as on the "Page setup" dialog shown in the attached screenshot.


When I print the output it gives me a blank page (or blank pages), except for a tiny piece of text in the top left hand corner of the page. The text is too small to read. Screenshot attached. I've tried adjusting the settings without success. This output is so different from what it should be.


I would be grateful for any help that anyone can offer. Is there some setting that I have missed?


My hardware is: HP Probook 450 G5 with Intel i7 and 8 MB RAM.

Software: Windows 10 with Accordance 13.3.2.


Thank you in advance!



Tab with two panes.png

Page setup.png

Print dialog.png

Print settings.png

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Thanks for contacting us directly in tech support Bruce.

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I'm having the exact same problem. Is there a fix?

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