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Greek perfect participles showing wrong tag across different modules


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I've noticed in my NA28 module that perfect participles show up tagged as "pluperf" (see the attached screenshot). When I search for [VERB perfect participle] it correctly brings up perfect participles, but they all are tagged as "pluperf." I tried the same thing in various other Greek modules (listed below), with the same result: Accordance finds the perfect participles, but the instant details label them as pluperfect. My Accordance app is fully up to date (just checked) and I have the most recent update for all the Greek texts on it.


I could see this being really confusing to someone who doesn't know their participle morphology.


This only occurs in Accordance Android. All the same modules display the proper participle tagging in Accordance on my desktop.


Modules I checked in:

  • NA28
  • Rahlf's LXX
  • Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles
  • Apostolic Fathers


After checking in these, I stopped checking, assuming the behavior is part of how Accordance is displaying the info independent of which Greek module I happen to have open.


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I see this also. The app version I have is 2.2.3 which I believe is the latest and all modules are up to date.




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