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Synching user notes to android device

Thomas Dolhanty

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I'm pretty new to Accordance, having finally migrated from BibleWorks. I must say that I do really like the Accordance app. It really has a nice interface and many powerful applications.


One question I have is whether I can sync my User Notes to my Android devices. I am operating on a windows 10 platform, and have several Android devices on which I've set up Accordance. I have ticked all of the boxes on Windows - Edit - Preferences - Sync, and have no problem connecting to and synching over Dropbox. However, the only things which seem to get synched are Highlights, Bookmarks, and My Places.  Does this mean that I cannot sync User Notes to my Android devices, or am I missing something?



Thomas D.

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I'm pretty sure that it is not yet available on the Android app. Accordance said they're working on it, but they've been working on it for a long time.

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You can't sync notes via Android.  Besides the ability to highlight and bookmarks, Accordance for Android has VERY few features.  I have been told repeatedly for almost two years that notes is coming.  


You will not get any response on these forums about android development.  I emailed last week and this is the response I got: "We can assure you that Accordance Mobile for Android has not been discontinued. There have been some logistic issues recently which have caused a brief delay in our Android version development."  

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