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User notes not syncing


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I have a user notes file and made a couple updates on the iPad. I hadn't made any changes for a long time and, therefore, hadn't synced for a long time. I've got both the iPad and the Mac set up to sync through DropBox. The copy in DropBox indicates that it is up to date based on the sync time indicated. I then synced the Accordance on the Mac with DropBox but my new notes aren't showing up. If I try to sync via wifi, I don't see any user notes available to sync on the desktop.


Accordance desktop was just updated to v13.3.1 and the iPad version is v3.2.7.

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You can try going to www.dropbox.com on your Mac and go to Apps > Accordance > User notes. Find the file in question and 'download' it from there. Then go to your Downloads folder on your Mac, find the user note and move it to Documents > Accordance Files > Usernotes and then double click on it from there. It should open in Accordance and you can check to see if it is the updated version.


It is possible that the user note has become corrupted and you may need a previous version of the file.


If you continue to have issues with this you can contact us directly at: techsupport@accordancebible.com



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Ahh, the user notes on my Mac are .amynotes. On the iPad, they're .acc4, I think. I've seen that mentioned but I don't know what the difference is.

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The newest version of Accordance user notes have the .amynotes extension. These have been around for the last few years.


The previous version had the .acc4 extension. On the computer versions these can be found archived in Accordance Files > Old User Notes.


You can also upgrade the older .acc4 user notes in 'Preferences > User Files' in the computer version of Accordance if you need to.


Make sure that you have good backups before starting this but you can reset the user content on the iPad which will erase them and then you can sync the newer versions back by Dropbox or directly from the Mac.


To Reset the User Content:


1) Quit Accordance.  Either double tap the Home key or drag up from the bottom and stop (on the newer iOS devices) until you get the small screens of each the apps that are currently open. ‘Sling' Accordance off of the screen in order to close the Accordance app.


2) Open the Apple Settings gear.


3) Scroll down until you find the Accordance app and select it.


4)Turn on ‘Reset User Content’ (This will delete all of your user content).


5) Restart Accordance.


Now you can sync those files back from either Dropbox or your computer.


iOS sync with dropbox




iOS Sync



This should take care of it.

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