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Instant Details shows wrong gloss


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How do I set up my favorite lexicon to be what the Instant Details will show? Currently I have no idea how to do it. Some says that Instant Detail shows the top lexicon in my Library, but it does not seem to be so.



Example: In MT-ETCBC-A, hover upon  טֶ֣רֶם (Gen. 2:5), then the Instant Details reads "Noun potentialP sing abs beginning [German: Anfang]"


But I know that this is not the right gloss, so I go through all my Hebrew lexicons. All of them gave me something like Adverb (temporal) "before" "not yet". I was wondering how to fix this problem, and I appreciate any input!

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You can hold CNTRL (CMD for Mac) as you hover over words to see your favorite lexicon in the instant details. 


The gloss for this word is correct in the sense that it reflects what was supplied by the ETCBC and German Bible Society (see also https://shebanq.ancient-data.org/hebrew/text). They are saying that morphologically or etymologically the word is a noun, but it is not necessarily functioning or behaving that way in the sentence. The ETCBC Syntax module labels it as a Time Reference.


Contrast this with Westminster morphology (HMT-W4) and Holmstedt syntax which tag the word as an adverb and adjunct, respectively. This is what you are noticing in your lexicons.


*Actually, both HALOT and DCH describe it as a conjunction in some cases and a preposition in others. BDB calls it an adv. of time.

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Hi Jordan, 


Your answer is really helpful. Then I guess it depends on the lexicon's decision about what is listed as the part of speech and the gloss. The CTRL holding is also saving me a lot of time. Thank you.


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