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Accordance and Keyboard Maestro: Read Current Verse in the Hebrew Audio Bible

Martin Z

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By : Martin Zhang

Created 2021/10/07 13:28

Modified :  2021/10/07 14:36

Version : 1.1



Read the verse shown in the "Go To Box" of Accordance Bible Software.



1. You must have purchased and downloaded Hebrew Old Testament Audio - Accordance.

2. Enable and try the "Set Dictionary ..." action (in Orange) below once (then you may disable it).

3. The UI language must be English. Otherwise, you need to edit the menu-click action (in Green color).

4. The modules are saved to the default folder. Otherwise, you will have to edit the actions (in Yellow color).

5. The tab (in Accordance) containing the "Go To Box" must be the active tab.


That's it! Set/Change a hotkey for the macro and you are good to go!



Be aware that the audio Bible module reads Hebrew for the Aramaic texts in the Hebrew Bible.

I don't have a good way to get the reference as shown in the "Go To Box". If you know a better way, let me know!



v1.1 added semaphore (prevent reading multiple verse concurrently) and delete current clipboard (the reference copied).


File to Download: Read Current Hebrew Verse in Accordance.kmmacros


As I said in the macro note above: "I don't have a good way to get the reference as shown in the "Go To Box". If you know a better way, let me know!". 

The macro works as is, but I wish to improve on the getting current reference section. I've asked the question anther post on the forum. 






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I have made an upgraded version for the Hebrew reading macros.


Download file:

Read Hebrew Verse in Accordance.kmmacros


The file contains three macros.

  • The 1st macro navigates to the next verse in Accordance and read the Verse
  • the 2nd macro read the current Verse
  • the 3rd macro re-read the latest-read verse at a lower speed (0.8x by default, change the number to other rates if you want)
  • I set the hotkeys to "F1", "F2", and "F3" respectively. Feel free to make changes.



1. the 1st macro:



2. the 2nd macro (the main macro):



3. the 3rd macro:


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