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Opening a combined resource in a main tab


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Good morning! 

I hope you all are doing well. I am wondering if you all may help me out. I know that I may open open up a combined resource when I press add parallel. The combined resource I like to use is LXX + GNT28. Is there any way to open up that combined resource in a tab by itself, and not just as a parallel?





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An indirect way to do this is to click on the + at the right of the current tab (it will say 'add a new tab to this zone' when you haver over it) and temporarily open any text that is not a combined tex in this new tabt. Use 'add parallel' to open the combined text you wish. Now you may delete the text that you opened temporarily. Klutzy, yes—but it will get you to what you want.


Now give this workspace a name and save it! You will not need to do the set up again. When you want it in the future, just open up this workspace you created,



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