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Unfortunately not new problem, Accordance not loading


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First the positives. Accordance interface is phenomenal compared to Logos at least in my opinion.

The problem is I can't load accordance In order to test it or use it (it was working last night until it wasn't) and I've tried 13.1 13.5 13.7, installed uninstalled installed again. On the last install It appears it made everything on my computer freeze when I tried to use it, for instance when I went to Google or Microsoft edge as soon as I tried to type it would freeze. It also do that when I tried to load Logos. Once I uninstalled again, everything was fine.

For A program that operates software that can run into tens of thousands I'd say this is a big problem.

I really want to commit fully to accordance but if I can't even get it to load what would be the point.

I don't know, such a good program interface wise but it seems very glitchy.

I'm just tired of trying to install. It really shouldn't be that difficult.

I'm glad I'm not a pastor or have to use it for something that is time sensitive or I'd be a very frustrated man.

I don't mean any of these things in a rude way . I'm just pointing out something that really shouldn't be an issue in the first place.

Have a great weekend everybody.

accordance hlt.PNG

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We were sorry to hear of this difficulty. It seems by the screen shot that you shared, that there are fragmented files leftover from previous installations which can always be an issue.


In a normal Accordance installation on Windows these four folders make up the complete Accordance installation:



1 - The Accordance program - (remove the OakTree folder) C:\Program Files (x86)\Oaktree\Accordance\Accordance.exe


2 - The Accordance folder which contains the modules, etc. (remove the Accordance folder) -   C:\ProgramData\Accordance


3 - Preferences - (remove the Accordance folder) C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Accordance\Accordance Preferences


4 - User Content (remove the Accordance Files folder) - Libraries\Documents\Accordance Files


AppData & ProgramData are hidden folders.


To show hidden folders on Windows 10: File Explorer > View > Check Hidden Items



You can contact us directly at techsupport@accordancebible.com or 407-339-0266.



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