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Text and footnote mixup in Philemon - ESV and CSB


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This may happen in other places, but I've found it in Philemon for both ESVS and CSB17S, both at the current version. NASB95 for comparison.


In both of them the text immediately following a superscript footnote marker becomes superscript as well. The tagging still highlights the correct word but the instant details is the footnotes for the whole verse.




Of the tagged bibles that I have installed these are the only 2 that show this problem.


This is font Palatine Linotype size 12 Paragraphs.

If I change the ESV it to Paragraphs with Spaces then the r in our becomes regular rather than superscript.

The font chosen doesn't seem to make a difference.


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Thanks. I'll go ahead and submit correction reports for these two instances, but the best thing to do in these cases is to pull up a contextual menu and choose "Report a correction."



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Thanks, sorry about that, I didn't have email set up on that machine so Report a Correction didn't work. I've set it up now with a different address from the one on my account so I hope that will be ok.

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