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SALE! Clergy Appreciation

R. Mansfield

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Clergy Appreciation Month Specials begin NOW! Save up to 68% on Zondervan resources and up to 75% off other essentials for the pulpit.


👉🏽 UPDATED! NIV Application Commentary: Old Testament (23 volumes)
👉🏽 NEW! NIV Application Commentary: Psalms, vol. 2
👉🏽 NIV Application Commentary: New Testament (20 volumes)
👉🏽 The MacArthur Bible Handbook
👉🏽 Duvall & Hays, Grasping God’s Word (3rd ed.)
👉🏽 Duvall, Hays & Carter, Preaching God’s Word (2nd ed.)
👉🏽 Duvall & Hays, Living God’s Word
👉🏽 Vanhoozer, Is There a Meaning in This Text?
👉🏽 1001 Illustrations That Connect
👉🏽 1001 Quotations That Connect
👉🏽 Lloyd-Jones, Preaching & Preachers
👉🏽 Anderson, Choosing to Preach
👉🏽 Archer, Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties
👉🏽 Chapell, Hardest Sermons You’ll Preach
👉🏽 Robinson & Larson, Art & Craft of Biblical Preaching
👉🏽 Edwards, Effective First-Person Biblical Preaching
👉🏽 Tucker, Parade of Faith
👉🏽 Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament (9 volumes)
👉🏽 P&R Preaching and Application Bundle (5 volumes)
👉🏽 The "IS" Series Tri-Bundle
👉🏽 Text-Driven Preaching: God's Word at the Heart of Every Sermon
👉🏽 Hughes, The Pastor's Book: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Pastoral Ministry
👉🏽 Steps to the Sermon (Revised)
👉🏽 Heisler, Spirit-Led Preaching: Holy Spirit's Role in Sermon Preparation and Delivery
👉🏽 Arthurs, Preaching as Reminding: Stirring Memory in an Age of Forgetfulness
👉🏽 Bisagno, Principle Preaching: How to Create and Deliver Sermons for Life Applications
👉🏽 Hamilton, Homiletical Handbook
👉🏽 Bisagno, Letters to Timothy: A Handbook for Pastors
👉🏽 Engaging Exposition
👉🏽 Olford, Anointed Expository Preaching
👉🏽 The Minister's Manual for Funerals
👉🏽 John G. Butler 75% off All Works


For more information, please see this week's sale post at the Accordance Blog!


Sale Prices Valid through 11:59 PM (EDT) Monday, October 11, 2021

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19 hours ago, jlm said:

Are you offering discounted gift certificates for clergy month this year?


I should know something today.

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Looks like I forgot to answer the question above about discounted clergy gift cards. Evidently, we're not doing that this year, but there are plenty of other discounts available. 

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Our first round of Clergy Appreciation Month specials ends at midnight EDT tonight. Don't miss out on savings of up to 78% off select Zondervan resource + discounts on other preaching and pastoral resources
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