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V13.1.7 MAS - Gen 1 revert with every new verse search action?


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I've only ever experienced this with V31+.


I change verses and hit enter - the verse in the search bar reverts to Gen 1 and the text changes to Gen 1.  Hit enter a second time and the Verse I updated 'returns' to the search bar and the text search returns to the intended verse.


While I could just hit enter twice with every verse update, I find that to be unnecessary...Please tell me there is a way to correct this?  Maybe some odd configuration that always wants the avid Bible reader to return to our Genesis roots that I can unconfigure???  I mean, I love Genesis 1 and all...


So I replicated the problem 3 times in a row, started up my giphy capture...and now I cannot replicate it at all...so no video.


I can attest, however, that I experience this every single time I use Accordance.

Any thoughts ??

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Where do you change verses? From the go-to box at the bottom right or from the search bar with the search option set to “Verses”?

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I normally use the top search bar.




I am now on V13.3.1 MAS, and everything looks different, and the flipping from Gen 1 back and forth to the verse in the search bar seems to be resolved.




It just needed you to ask and scare it into submission 😉

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