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Preferences Dialog Streamlining

Greg Terry

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Here are a few suggestions to streamline the preferences of the Windows Accordance app:


  • Allow the user to pick a font for unified use - Having to change the font in a dozen or two places is ungainly if the user wants the same font all across the program
  • Allow the user to pick a color scheme for unified use - See above
  • Allow the user to pick a specific translation and secondary translation where needed for unified use - Se above, above
  • Add an 'Apply' button to the preferences section so the user can save the settings without completely exiting the preferences section. Some of us like to periodically save as we go in case we do something silly like somehow exit the program or the preferences. BTW, this can happen in the Syncing section if one closes the Dropbox login box before entering the credentials. This closes the Preferences and loses any changes made during that session.


Some of us are curmudgeons and don't like much deviation. This is not to suggest that the user lose the ability to change each section to a different font, colors, translation, etc., if they so desire. Just add a program-wide section for these and potentially other preferences that can be set for the entire program usage. Thank you for your consideration.





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