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Timeline Hyperlink Expansion


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Hello everyone,
I have a suggestion for the Timeline Display HyperText default area under Preferences.
Currently when you click on the down arrow you are presented with a large list of items to choose from
and unfortunately you can only select one resource. I would love the idea of be able to select up to
5 different resources rather than just one resource.
I ran a manual simulation by selecting a resource and clicking the "Apply" button which opened the result in 
a tab window. I went back and repeated the process selecting other resources one at a time until I had 5 tabs
side by side in my workspace. Being able to quickly access the results via tab switching was nice.
Is there a way to build this option into the Preference Timeline option?
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks and have a blessed day!


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You can always create a group of modules you want to look up from the Timeline. Go down to the My Groups section of the Accordance Library, create a folder, then drag the modules you want in your Timeline lookup group into that folder. Instead of double-clicking a Timeline item to look it up in one resource, right-click it and choose your new group from the My Groups submenu. Then a separate tab will open showing each module in your group.

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