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Search Removing Names, Adding Gloss to Inflections


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Hi all,


I'm on a quest to try to construct a search to get a list of all forms of words in the GNT because someone I'm learning Greek with wanted one to create a lingq vocabulary list. I've created a simple search that removes the hapax legomena and gives all the inflected forms of words in the Tyndale GNT.


* [RANGE Matt 1:1-Rev 22:21] <and> [COUNT 2+] 


Now I would also like to omit all names (e.g. David, Paul, Jerusalem) and, if possible, to add a gloss to the inflected forms to create a comprehensive list of all forms of each word. The default list of results only has a gloss with the lexical form.


Are either of those at all possible?


Obviously, I could just export the list and manually remove the names, but if I can do it automatically that would be a huge time saver. The lexical forms would help, though of course if you are learning Greek you should be able to learn to work out what those other forms mean once you learn the lexical form, so that isn't as important.


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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