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Windows 11 and Accordance 13.3.0


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Accordance 13.3.0 does not work directly as a fresh install on Windows 11 beta  

Workaround is to install Accordance 12.3.7 (further down on the downloads page)

Version 12.3.7 is stable but does not upgrade to 13.3.0 via the normal "app update" process

Installing version 13.3.0 download on top of 12.3.7 did create a stable and usable product (although missing certain features already described by others)

-at least this is my experience


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The biggest issue I'm seeing is lack of window control buttons being visible. You can guess where they'd be and click and they work, but can't actually see them. Like closing a window. Really frustrating, but hopefully they'll have it fixed by the time Windows 11 officially comes out. I think they said it was an MS thing, but it's the only place I've seen it in all my windows computers.

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