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User Bible Improvements for Bibles with the ¶ Pilcrow as Paragraph-Marker


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Hello @Silas Marrs


If I import a User Bible without the ¶ Pilcrow as paragraph markers, Accordance automatic starts every chapter as an own paragraph. Thats great, and I guess this the best way.


But If I a Bible has the ¶ Pilcrow as paragraph markers it would be good if the automatically feature I described above i "OFF".  This said if Accordance found in the first line the pilcrow as it is yet it recognized all ¶ later in the Bible. If there is none ¶ then the ¶ aren't recognized. Thats great, but i would add to: If there are in the first line the ¶ then also the ¶ is the paragraph maker and not the automatically from Accordance. 


This would allow to import User Bibles with another paragraph setting than every chapter a new paragraph. Like 463746111_Bildschirmfoto2021-09-19um10_36_23.thumb.png.c23ed7f3d888b6d8478d6936bf23fb49.png





BTW I guess there is a Bug in Accordance so it begins a new paragraph in the paragraph mode even no ¶ is there. John 8,1 should be on the same line as 7,53.






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