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Apostrophes showing as strange characters in Easy Install


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It has been like this for a while, I think since one of the last couple of updates, but apostrophes in titles of modules in Easy Install are showing as strange characters.

They display fine in Library and other places.


Android 10 App version 2.2.3 (13728)



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Yes, I noticed this regression. It's the smart-quote kind of apostrophes that it can't handle. It has no problem with "ESV with Strong's (Free)", using the simple apostrophe.


There are some other characters it also messes up on, including é, ã, and ü. For some resources, I can't figure out why it's showing gibberish.


I noticed that the names aren't consistent between Windows and Android versions. But then I noticed that the kind of apostrophe in Windows isn't consistent between the library view and what is displayed in the info window. See the Bishop's Bible.

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