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Abbreviations in GNT (NA28-T) instant details - what are their meanings?


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In Luke 23:43 - when hovering over paradise (ESV) I get the following displayed in my instant details:


paradise  G3857  παράδεισος  paradeisos


[GNT28-T]  παραδείσῳ paradeisō  Noun masculine singular dative  (m) garden; paradise (Complement)



My question - what does the (m) denote/mean?  I first thought it denoted meaning - but other word with glos dont have the (m).  I dot think it denotes masculine as that facts is already stated in th parsing inf.  Note - it is bolded, so I assume it relates to glos more than parsing info.



In Luke 23:45 - temple has the same (m) appear in the Instant details.


temple  G3485  ναός  naos


[GNT28-T]  ναοῦ naou  Noun masculine singular genitive  (m) temple, shrine; palace (Adjunct)




I observed that land in Luke 23:44 has a bold (f) and its instant details display:


land  G1093  γῆ 


[GNT28-T]  γῆν gēn  Noun feminine singular accusative  (f) earth, land (Complement)


As land is feminine - I was back thinking these abbreviations denote gender — but then why is gender shown twice?  - And not shown twice on all words - for example centurion in Luke 23:47 instant details display as:


centurion  G1543  ἑκατοντάρχης, ἑκατόνταρχος  hekatontarchēs, hekatontarchos


[GNT28-T]  ἑκατοντάρχης hekatontarchēs  Noun masculine singular nominative  commander of a hundred; centurion (Subject)


Insights as to what is going on is most appreciated.

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