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Using the Info Panel as a Organizer


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In my previous post, I mentioned loss from view, of some of the words of a verse at the top of the page of the active text window. I have since found this can be corrected(for the active text window) by choosing,  Display > Show Text as > Separate Verses.


Moving on to say something about writing a post on using a database like Accordance.

It seems like a simple idea. But conveying thought accurately can quickly become difficult and simplicity rapidly becomes complexity, with every new window opened.


Discussion follows.

Say a Greek NT text is the active window open and the Info panel along side. Say there is also an English translation open in Parallel with the Greek NT.

The topmost verse of the Text window, relates to the Info Panel “Info For Book.Chapter:verse” (bk.ch:vs) and this is the active key used in the Flyouts, to access Commentaries, CrossReferences, Topics, Word List, Parallel Passages, Grammars, My Toolset. Opening Word List results in the active key being used to return(the lexical form), of all(mostly all) the words in that Book/chapter/verse(in verse order or other option).  Choosing any word in the list will open another identical window layered upon the primary window, displaying all the references to the word(Book/chapter/verse) found in the text of the primary window. The Info Panel in this new window is different to the one for the primary window, it relates to the topmost verse of the opened window and the displays a whole new set of Info. But on returning to the primary window by selecting that window, shows everything as it was. Choosing another word from Word List, opens the same window again, but according to the new word selected. Now staying in this window and selecting a word from the Word List, updates the window and Info Panel, for that word.


MODIFICATION: concerning the Word List in the Info Panel. When a word is selected in Word List, this opens a new window, what if the word becomes the active key of the new Info Panel and topmost verse of the primary window remains as a secondary key. This new Info Panel would continue to display the previous Commentary, CrossReferences, Topics etc via the secondary key and the Word List would now become a list of the various grammatical forms with the parsing, of the selected word.


As the current setup is, selection of any of the reference books in My Toolset, will open a new panel to the right of the Info Panel, showing the hits for all references to the bk.ch:vs key in the book. Further selections of other books in My Toolset will open similar successive panels as an overlays.


What if, when Word List is open and a word is selected, the MODIFICATION above applies. Then only those flyouts which are word related would be relevant to appear on the Info Panel in that instance. Word keys are relevant in the case of My Toolset. Then selection of books in My Toolset would enable the opening of a series of word related panels. This would add to the versatility of the info panel. The current use of the bk.ch:vs key in My Toolset would still apply, except in the case when Word List has been opened.


There will always be something more a add but being able to customize the book references used in the Info Panel, with those in My Toolset, would be good.

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