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Accordance blurry with windows scaling


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It seems that Accordance does not work with windows scaling. I've always set the scaling on 100% to use Accordance, but now when monitors are coming with higher pixel densities the windows scaling function is more of use to keep the text readable. A 27" screen with 4k resolution would be 163 ppi and the text would be too small without windows scaling to protect the eyes. See the example on 100% and 250% scaling on a 2560x1600 (WQXGA) screen below. You can clearly see the difference with notepad scaling as well as the window title compared to the menu text and icons which are scaled by windows.


I tried to search the forums for other users with the same experience but did not find anything recent at least. I would guess there are a lot of users with laptop screens that defaults to 125% or 150% windows scaling, so it is surprising that this has not been mentioned more often.



Accordance windows text scaling 2560x1600 100 percent.png

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