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Final kaph-dagesh-sheva displays incorrectly.


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Module is HMT-W4. Accordance and module are up to date. 


Was reading 2Kings 8 and came across this problem. This apocopated 3ms vayyiqtol form of בכה ends with a kaph sofit that contains both a dagesh and a sheva. Unfortunately, there is some problem with the font here because the sheva ought to be below the dagesh, instead of behind it. It should look like this: ךְּ 712934982_ScreenShot2021-08-04at7_19_23PM.thumb.png.13c3bcca4a809760a0a8a6b5a1141989.png


This definitely is a new problem because it also occurs when the vowel in the kaph-sofit with a dagesh is a qametz, such as in the last word of Deuteronomy 31:6. I attach a screen shot I took a few months ago in Accordance in the same module that is what it used to and should look like. 642216468_ScreenShot2021-08-04at7_29_57PM.thumb.png.7ba02bc7c34464da8b4e1b985228bc8b.pngaccordance-dagesh-kaph-sofit.png.8017edbf5bca1da07245e6cec8120a2d.png


Another, much older problem with the font which I guess I have gotten used to, is the fusion of the tzere with the patach to the right of it (in the first picture). Students will read the tzere as a chireq because they cannot distinguish the second dot. This happens whenever the tzere has a tiphcha next to it. Is there any way to fix this problem? 

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