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List of External Files in a User Note


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If one desires to share a User Note file that contains one or more File Links, it would be nice to be able to get a list of the files linked to in the User Note so that those files could be shared with the Note File.  This is also useful when I am sharing User Notes files with myself and Accordance is on different computers.  


While one can manually inspect the link, this is a time consuming activity, that is also more reliably done via programmatic support.  For small Note files, this need is not as needed as it is in larger user note files.


Same request for a list of pictured linked to in a User Note file. 


Accordance handles well Resources File links when shared with users who don't own those modules; and obviously external website links are not an issue.  


A useful report might be one that shows for a given User Note — the name of the User Note file below which are four columns of data:

     in Column 1, Reference in User note to an link on the local computer; 

     in Column 2, the displayed text for the link; and

     in Column 3, the physical location information (i.e., where the linked to item is stored locally). 

     in Column 4, the file type of the linked to file (e.g., .pdf, .png, .mp3, .mp4,  ...)


    Other columns could contain files info like size, last modified date, etc.


The ability to print and export the data in this report in various formats (.xls, .csv, etc.) is also requested.

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