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Cannot register on PC


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  I am attempting to try out the Accordance Lite 13.2.1 version before I buy for my PC.  I have successfully used this version on my galaxy tablet, but I would prefer to use it on my PC.


The program installs successfully on my PC.  When I open the application I am presented with a registration screen and it gives me an error when I attempt to sign in.  The error is "Error  processing online information.  There may be a problem with the servers.  Please try again later."  when I click 'OK', it shows an error 'Unable to access online database.'    I have tried the following.

1. Uninstall and reinstall

2. Change password to use no special characters (I am able to sign in on the web and also in the lite version on my tablet)

3. Uninstall, download version from different browser, reinstall.  I was told that there may be an issue with the d/l using Chrome, so I tried with Edge and IE.  I took a sha1 of the downloaded files and all the files are exactly the same.  

4. Uninstall, delete all Accordance files in user AppData and ProgramData and reinstall.






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We apologize for the issues you're having. Please contact support at (407) 339-0266, support@accordancebible.com or chat during business hours.

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