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Setting issues 13.2


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I'm experiencing a lot of crashes while trying to change settings with the new update in general. A lot of it still feels random. 
One thing that is persistent is that "Hide spaces" is unchecked the next time I open the setting after checking it.

I deleted all Accordance related folders and files and started fresh … downloaded modules with easy install and manually installed my user bibles and stuff. And this still happens. 


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A word of warning...

I had never used "Hide Spaces" (I'm thinking the only use is to view Greek in scripta continua.)

I tried to see if I could replicate issue.

Yes, it hid space (but only in Greek texts)

Yes, when I reopened preferences, the hide spaces was unchecked... but that meant I could not enable the spaces in my Greek text.

So, I closed 13.2, tried to reopen and received crash error log below.

I tried to reopen again, and it looks like things are proper again with spaces.


Accordance Crash Log
Crashed at: 9:44:26:408 On: 16 of Jul, 2021  Eastern Daylight Time

Accordance Aleph 13.2.0 (
Windows 10 (10.0.19042)
RAM: 8757MB free of 16126MB total
Disc: 675GB free of 953GB total

Message: Access violation
Address:   $0043E424


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Further word of warning...

So now I see that the hide spaces does not affect English texts, but it affects all my Greek and Hebrew texts.

Since the "hide spaces" appears unchecked but actually can't be unchecked, I have to reset the default view of all my Greek/Hebrew texts on an individual basis.

I.e., I cannot uncheck the blank box in the general Text Display preferences.

I can go to Text Display in each individual text, see that the hide spaces box is checked, uncheck it, set default.

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I can repro. the Hide Spaces being unchecked thing. But if you click it on and then click it off again that will restore spaces to your texts.


This is a really cool thing to have. I remember this being requested. Actually looks like this has been around a while and I missed it - I see old posts about it.




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