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Update! Accordance 2.2.2 (Android)

R. Mansfield

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Accordance for Android has been updated to v. 2.2.2 with the following changes and fixes:



  • Improved support for MT-ETCBC if HMT-W4 isn’t installed.
  • Added support for the “Crasis” tag.
  • Increased the desktop equivalent version from 12.2 to 13.1, so that GNT28-T can be downloaded.
  • Updated the Hebrew Roots, Greek Roots, Greek Words, and Biblio Formats files to the latest versions.
  • Optimizations to speed up startup.


  • Amplify would run a search from untagged texts.
  • Where pressing the back button would clear the search box text but did not clear the search itself.
  • Issue that was causing misaligned Search Hits in GNT28-T.
  • The "Go" button in Instant Details would always show an error message.
  • Article navigation arrows could run infinitely while held down.
  • Up/Down navigation arrows would not correctly be disabled for Tool searches.
  • Several types of hyperlinks in Tools that did not work.
  • Bad transliteration in pane headers when doing an Amplify by Key Number.
  • Theme colors could be wrong if the app theme did not match the system theme.
  • Keyed Text preference would not always display correctly in Settings.
  • Crash could occur while placing a bookmark in some verses.
  • Crash when loading the Comprehensive Cross-References module.
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