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At the outset, I AM NOT complaining, however I am interested to know why Android development seems to be stagnant? It has been awhile since I have seen any significant changes to the android platform. I had to change from an iphone to an Android phone largely due to cost AND the fact that Accordance was in the process of developing the Android app. I have come to rely heavily upon Accordance in spite of the fact that I actually own the larger competitor. Accordance on the ipad is vastly superior to the competitor! I am merely asking the question about when we could see some significant updates for the Android app? I DO NOT want, or intend to ignite contention. For what it is worth, I greatly appreciate ALL of the wonderful people of Oak Tree, from the sales department to the development team. It has been a pleasure to use Accordance and to work with the developers along the way.



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Hey Bob, 


I completely agree with you. I also have the other program. I first started with TW5 (free) but it has limited features that I eventually grew out of. I then moved to Accordance on Windows but ran into many, many technical issues and limitations. I jumped ship for the other program and it is very good on Windows, but recently I have decided to try using my android phone for my main computer rather than purchase another laptop (windows) as my current one is failing.  


The competition's android app, though, can't seem to perform searches very well (among other things). So I'm trying Accordance for Android to see if it's any better. 


There are, unfortunately, pluses and minuses for each app and both are suffering from what I consider underdevelopment.  


Both seem to have ignored using a keyboard and mouse with an android device. I can't scroll with arrows or trackpad in either. 


Accordance suffers from not being able to have more than two resources open at a time, while the competition has simulated tabs for quick access.  


Accordance does not support interlinear mode nor does it seem to link OT/NT resources together. So in parallel view I'm constantly switching between resources (the competition seems to be able to do this just fine). 


Accordance really shines on searching, except it appears as if you can only search one resource at a time (not sure on this yet, I  may be wrong). 


Accordance offers the option to store resources on the flash drive on my phone which is a BIG help. My phone only has a 32gb internal, but my card is 128gb. I upgraded to this new phone partially because my previous one only had 16gb internal.  


Concerning stagnation, I keep hearing this from both camps (accordance and competition). I have to say this was one of the BIGGEST surprises for me when I jumped into the pool of paid Bible programs coming from a free program. I thought it would be much more supported, not have as many bugs, and development would be much quicker.  


At this point, since I have paid accounts and resources for both products, I think I will just have both installed on my phone and see who develops the features I need first.  


I honestly expect mobile  devices to take over soon anyway and leave windows in the dust. Maybe then development of new features will be quicker. 

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