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Searches in iOS consistently crash when Voice Control is turned on


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For specific reasons I have to have Voice Control turned on. This is different from voice over and is found in Settings>Accessibility>Voice Control.


When this is turned on, almost every time I do any kind of search on a Bible text, I see the search results for a split second and then Accordance crashes. This is in spite of the fact that I am not using voice control to operate Accordance. If I turn off voice control, Accordance runs perfectly as it should.


I have deleted and reinstalled Accordance to no avail. I even got the same results immediately after downloading the app before I had even signed in to my account.


Could someone confirm this bug and/or advise me of a fix?


iOS 14.6

Accordance v. 3.2.3, Build




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Hi there.

I just tried this out, and I can get the same behaviour. Some times the search works, but the vast majority of times it immediately crashes.


I am using betas iOS15, and 3.2.3, but I'm getting the same as you, so I guess that's not coming into it.

As soon as I turn off the Voice Control it works fine.


Sorry I can't be more help. 







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