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Fonts in User notes when using original language words


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Default font for my User notes is Cambria. When I insert a word in Greek, Accordance is changing font for the closing parenthesis to the Greek text font (Cardo), and even if I select it, change to Cambria, it's still Cardo. Can't be changed. Tried to use Cambria for the closing parenthesis later on in the text and delete preceeding text backward to move closing parenthesis back to the Greek word, but even before deleting space between old parenthesis and a new one it changes back to Cardo automatically. 

Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 20.45.37.png



P.S. Synced and tried to edit this text in Accordance for iOS. I could change font to Cambria, but Accordance changed it to Accordance font. Tried once more, again — Accordance font remains.

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I think this setting will address part of your problem:




But the parenthesis thing seems like a bug, and I'll look into it when I can

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