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An Italian study Bible


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While I'm on the subject of resources for Italian-speaking users, a study Bible would be another good addition. I would like to suggest Bruno Maggioni, Gianfranco Ravasi. La Bibbia, Via, Verità e Vita. Paoline, 2012. It's modestly priced, and besides the usual features one would expect in a study Bible, it has notes explaining the changes between the 1974 and the 2008 CEI translation. Without those notes, I would be puzzled at some of the 2008 translation choices. The text is the 2008 CEI translation, which is already available in Accordance. The publisher's website has more details, some of I which translate and expand on here:

  • There are three kinds of notes (besides the ones on the translation): exegetical, theological, and liturgical. The last have to do with where passages are used in the Catholic lectionary, and also discuss how they relate to the other passages read on the same occasion.
  • The 30,000 cross references were all checked by the editors as they were preparing the notes.
  • Other information includes brief introductions to the individual books, introductions to groups of books, a topical index, the Jewish calendar, weights and measures, 18 color maps, and a diagram of the temple with some color.


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