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Aleppo Codex Module

Don Preston

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I was hoping that an Aleppo Codex module is available to download?  or will there be one in the future.  I believe this is an important manuscript to review, Karaite Jews used Aleppo Codex.  Please let me know where I can get this for Accordance.


I appreciate your time and help.


Thank You,


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Hello Don


I have searched the internet for an e-text. It seems the best one is from https://www.mechon-mamre.org. It seems no one has a fully accurate e-text. 

It is possible to create a User Bible from this, but Accordance has a bug by importing Hebrews with punctuation. I reported it twice, but it isn't solved. 


My BW is at the moment down, so I can't see if BW has it. 







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