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Active Links in Instant Details


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I think I have this requested before. 


I would love to have active links in the instant details. 


1. We can press [Shift] and then click on the scriptures.

2. In the floating mode, by pressing [Option] we can hover over the links and it shows in the Instant Details the verse. I like the way OliveTree solved it.




3. Showing the verses by pressing [Command]








4. link the verses in the Instant detail window. So by pressing [Shift] the floating instant details come with the verses. (The opposite). This means if you are on the floating it goes to the bottom instant details. If you are in the bottom instant details it opens a floating. 


Currently Accordance open always a new Pane, but and the verse from the Bible has to searched with the eyes again, as it goes to another place if the verse is not on top. This interrupt my workflow.






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