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Ten Commandments numbering


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So I discovered a numbering anomaly that can cause some embarrassment: the JPS numbering of the Ten Commandments in Exodus does not match up with the Hebrew. So a search for Ex. 20:1-14 using the JPS search verses, displays the correct (and full) ENGLISH text of the Ten Commandments, but if you add a "parallel pane" of the BHS Hebrew, the text "jumps" from v. 14 to 17 and skips (14,15,16) "do not commit adultery" and "do not steal." The Hebrew verses are missing from the English search, displaying verse 13 and jumping to verse 17 (which is the parallel to verse 14 in the JPS). I am guessing this is because of how the Hebrew text has been parsed in terms of verses. But be very careful. If not, you could end with your own version of the Adulterer's Bible. 

The workaround (illustrated below) is to make sure you select the Hebrew text for the search of the verses, but you can see that they do not line up numerically. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 9.00.15 AM.png

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This is actually correct. The JPS Hebrew text is based on the Michigan-Claremont-Westminster (MCW) electronic BHS. The versification in the Hebrew is different at this point than the Accordance BHS-T or HMT-W4.



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