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Research Bug or Improvements with Different Bible Books (4Ezra /2Esdras) Modules?


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Next problem.


Search verse in the Vulgate-T for 4Ezra.



goes to 2Esdras 


This seems to be correct.




In Research [Verse 2Esdras]



Why now the 




Are missing?






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Next Question: Are there more modules which don't work properly because of the same issue?



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Version / Document Old Testament book of Ezra Old Testament book of Nehemiah Paraphrase of 2 Chronicles chs 35–36; a tale about Darius’ bodyguards; much of Ezra; Nehemiah 7.38-8.12, etc. The Ezra Apocalypse
Greek Bible (Septuagint) 2 Esdras 1 Esdras  
Latin Vulgate Bible 1 Esdras 2 Esdras 3 Esdras 4 Esdras
Many later Latin manuscripts  1 Esdras 3 Esdras 2 Esdras = chs 1-2
4 Esdras = chs 3-14
5 Esdras = chs 15-16
Douay English Version (1609-1610) 1 Esdras 2 Esdras 3 Esdras 4 Esdras
Russian Bible, Moscow Patriarchate (1956) 1 Esdras Nehemiah 2 Esdras 3 Esdras
King James and New Revised Standard Version Ezra Nehemiah 1 Esdras 2 Esdras
Scholarly Literature Ezra Nehemiah 3 Ezra or 3 Esdras 5 Ezra = chs 1-2
4 Ezra = chs 3-14
6 Ezra = chs 15-16
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