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New iPad Pro W/M1 chipset

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Enrique Rivera


I am new to Accordance. I am enjoying the desktop features thus far. The search capabilities are truly remarkable. I am wondering if there is any plan to add the INFER command to iPadOS? I am unsure as to what that would require in terms of development, but it seems to me that the iPad Pro and Air are both capable of handling that kind of search power. The new iPad Pro certainly will. Anyhow, thanks in advance for any responses. 

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Mark Allison

The INFER search requires two separate search tabs to be open at once. Currently, Accordance on iOS only allows a secondary pane (without a search area). The ability to have 2 (or more) search tabs open at once is definitely on the development list, though I can't give you a timeframe for when it will be available. 

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