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Hebrew suffixes display incorrectly in analytics


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Performing a search in Hebrew and displaying the Analysis tab will by default display only the lexical form of any words that were found. 

If however, one searches for suffixes, since they do not have a lexical form, one must go to “Customize Display” in the Analysis tab and add “INFLECT” to the relevant column(s) in order to see the suffixes that were found. However, Accordance seems to have difficulty displaying them because the suffixes are often tagged with a “thematic” or “connecting” vowel when appropriate, but Accordance incorrectly places that thematic vowel, resulting in an ugly and confusing read. It is probably because no “leading spaces” are used to display the thematic vowel. 


See the attached picture. 1238915554_ScreenShot2021-04-08at5_40_15PM.thumb.png.46c8cb3e28aff0d42344c844f9e79cb7.png

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