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Issue with updater and NRSVS

Gary Wissel

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Hi all,


I am having trouble with an update.  Every time auto update runs or I manually look for updates all goes well except for the NRSVS 5.1 update.  It hangs and gives me an error message every time.  I will attach a screen snip of the error for those in the know.  I am running Windows 10 home version 20H2 on an Hp spectre x360 with 16GB ram.  It is not a major deal as I do not even use that version, just more of a nuisance. 


Thanks in advance for your help.



PS forgot to mention updater does update everything else just not this one specific item.


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This was a bug in Accordance 13.1.5.  Try updating to Accordance 13.1.6

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Thanks Silas,


That seems to have fixed it for me.



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