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What you are asking for is a feature request, not a bug fix.  Accordance does not start cycling through texts to find a valid hit unless it is actually in an entirely different corpus.  In this case, why don't you just set the Default Text or Alternate Text for GNB2 Anmerkungen to your Lutherbibel 2017-2?



If I hover over Ps 154 it gives me only Ps 54 (normal Bibles) or in max 150 in the DSSB-E


So here are two things. 1. If a normal Bible is selected as the Hypertext Bible it shows Ps 54. 2. If I choose the "correct" one the app limits to Ps. 150. 


A real Cycle Through would be welcome, in every case. For example by hover over a link on the Webbrowser, Notes, Commentaries etc. The Webbrowser has also 3 Hypertext options, but all other in Accordance only 2.



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