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Unable to filter out modules I already own when viewing collections on Accordance website


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Before the website was re-designed, when comparing collections while logged in, there was a checkbox to filter out modules you already owned, so you could easily see what new modules you'd be getting by upgrading to a certain collection.  That appears to be gone now 😕  I have a fairly large library, so trying to sort that all out manually would take ages.  Am I missing something?  

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Ok, I guess I'll email Accordance soon about this, as there's still no way to filter out "already-owned" modules when viewing what's included in a particular collection.  The price says it accounts for the modules you already own, but it doesn't show you what those are 👎  Also just discovered today that some modules that I already own show "Add to Cart" instead of "Already Owned" in the store, even though I'm logged in.  That's not good!  I'll let you guys know what tech support says if I hear from them about both these issues.

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Here's the email I just sent to Accordance (order numbers masked).  I'll let you know what their reply is.




There are a couple issues with your website that I've noticed recently.
1. Modules that I own that were included as part of a collection or bundle are showing up as "Add to Cart" when viewed in the online store.  For example, I purchased the Graphics Master collection on 12/13/2018 (Order XXXXXX), which includes Rose Tabernacle ("Rose Guide to the Tabernacle").  Yet, when I log into the website and search for that module, it shows "Add to Cart" instead of "You own this product."  Another example is that I purchased the ZIBBC-OT-NT5 ["Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary: OT (5 Vols) and NT (5 Vols)"] bundle on 3/16/2021 (Order XXXXXX), which includes both ZIBBCOT and ZIBBCNT, yet both of those modules also show up as "Add to Cart" when viewed individually.

The reason I started looking into this is because I purchased Timeline Expanded ("Accordance Timeline Expanded Edition") just the other day on 6/30/2021 (Order XXXXXX) and was charged the full sale price ($24.90) instead of the upgrade sale price ($16.90).  I already owned the original Accordance Timeline as part of the Triple Discoverer collection that I purchased on 11/26/2018 (Order XXXXXX).  So I need a partial credit back of $8.00.

2. When viewing collections on your website, there is no longer a toggle checkbox to "Hide owned modules", so I have no clue what I'm actually getting for my money by upgrading to a certain collection.  This has been the sole reason I've not made some upgrades in the past year - I simply don't know for sure what I'm purchasing since there's no way to show only the new modules I'd be getting (I have an extensive library, so sorting this all manually would take ages).  The pricing does say it reflects already owned modules, but I'm not sure I trust the calculations behind that, given the first issue I described above.
Thanks ahead of time for looking into these important issues.


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Posted (edited)

Received a response:


Thanks for writing!
So sorry for the glitch in the web store!
We have refunded your card $8.00 for the overcharge of the Expanded Timeline in order #XXXXXX.  It may take a few days to settle.
We hear what you are saying and continue to work on clearing up each of the things you have listed.  (There are some items buried in collections that currently the store cannot recognize because they are nested within bundles that are contained yet deeper in certain collection.)  All of this is being addressed but will take time.
In the meantime, if you want to purchase an upgrade to an item you own, but are not seeing the adjusted price, please notify us by e-mail or phone, (407-339-5855), during east coast office hours and we will create the order for you with the correct price and have it in your account where you will have the option to “View, Cancel, or purchase” the items.
Thank you for your patience!


Hopefully this will help others as well!

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