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Portuguese Bibles

Diego Ronald Oliveira Ramos

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I would like to make a suggestion as someone using Accordance in Brazil.
Recently, Accordance has made available a Portuguese version of the Bible that virtually nobody uses nowadays. It is a very old version of Almeida.
There as several translations that are more widely used in Brazil like:
ALMEIDA REVISTA E ATUALIZADA 1993 (SBB) - Widely use for preaching in Bible/Baptist churches (Formal)
ALMEIDA REVISTA CORRIGIDA (SBB) - Widely used in the Assemblies of God (Formal)
ALMEIDA SÉCULO 21 (Vida Nova and Hagnos) - Growing market share. (Optimal)
NOVA ALMEIDA ATUALIZADA (SBB) - Modernization of the first one (ARA), that will like replace it in the long run (Optimal)
NOVA VERSÃO INTERNACIONAL (Vida) - Widely read by lay people (Dynamic)
NOVA VERSÃO TRANSFORMADORA (Mundo Cristão) - Widely read by lay people (Dynamic)
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