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Can''t save User tool


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I opened Word document, saved it as filtered HTML document and imported it in Accordance as a new User tool. 

First surprise — words are broken in half, first half has Helvetica Neue font, second half is smaller, Times New Roman. Why? 

Second surprise — it seems that Accordance can't handle Unicode properly. When I select all text and apply Rosetta font, I see Latvian letters correctly. Then I select Title and apply Helvetica Neue back again. Letter Š in the Title (PRIEKŠVĀRDS) becomes two letter combination. It seems to me that in Accordance Helvetica Neue doesn’t work properly with Unicode letters. 

Thirds surprise — I cannot save edited text! I get an error message that the Title line must use Roman font (which it is!) and cannot be a scripture reference (which is isn't). Please fix these bugs!







01 prieksvardi.html

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