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Genealogies text gets cut off/distorted when zoom


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I really like the Genealogies of the Bible module by Nancy Dawson, but I'm having trouble with the zoom, which would make this difficult to use when teaching/presenting. I see that all the text is there when zoomed out far enough, though even then some of the text is bunched or spaced out too much, it seems (e.g., Queen Mother, Manasseh, etc...by the way, is Athaliah's name supposed to be there?)




But if I zoom in, letters get cut off, e.g,. Rehoboam > Rehoboa, or Jeroboam > Jeroboa. Also note how the parenthesis for "Abijah" is too close.



This behavior happens in other places as well, though I'm only pasting a couple examples



I confirmed that this behavior also occurs in reading mode and slideshow mode.


Is there any way to fix this?

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These are appear to be bugs in the windows tool diagram display.  I'll add them to my list of things to fix.


You may also have slightly better luck with zooming in on the diagrams if you go to Appearance Preferences and turn off "Limit Text Width"

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