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Request to export User Notes as Single pdf File


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I have been using Accordance since the late 80s, and through the years my User Notes file has become a combination of my own cross references, discoveries, comments, prayer requests, and personal journal. Notes on each and every verse (31,000+ verses) are included, and my User Notes file has become extremely long. Rarely a day goes by that I don't add a comment or additional cross-reference to a verse, so the file changes almost daily. Since I use Accordance for my daily Bible study, rather than writing my notes in a hard-copy Bible, I have no way of passing along my "family Bible" unless I can save this User Notes file into a single document. That way all my discoveries through the years can be saved for posterity. But since my User Notes file changes almost daily, I need a simple, straightforward way of saving the entire file, and not just 100 pages at a time, which then have to be edited together. That process is prohibitively time-consuming and tedious. I have plenty of memory and plenty of disk space, but I am limited by the app itself in how much I can save at a time. I'd like to be able to save my file on a weekly basis, as part of my "computer housekeeping" tasks. Having this capability would be a huge blessing. Thanks so much.

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