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New Accordance Forums not displaying in Safari

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I am now starting to run out of ideas alas. I earlier considered the possibility that Javascript was disabled but I tried the site with JS disabled and it appeared to work ok for simple loading.


My next stop would be the dev console in the browser and see what it is spitting out.


In my version of Safari you enable the dev console by going to Preferences-> Advanced and checking the "Show develop menu in menu bar".

Then go to the Develop menu and select Show Javascript Console. This will open a pane in the lower half of the screen. Make sure you have selected the Console tab of that pane so it is front most. Then reload the page. This console will show any errors and warnings which hopefully will tell us where to look next. Could you post a screen shot of the browser with the javascript console information. For good measure it would be good to post a similar screen shot of the page with the Network (in the dev pane) tab showing - just select the Network tab and reload page. It will show errors if there are issues loading any files.


This is the Javascript Console - errors lines will likely be in red. You may have to scroll down to see them:





This is the Network tab:




This tab will likely scroll off the page so you will need to scroll down to check if anything is marked with failures - likely red.




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This also may fail. Older versions of Safari (or any browser) do not show newer implementations of CSS. 


It might not be worth the trouble for one site, but have you considered installing a different browser (perhaps Chrome) for the forums?

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1 minute ago, Λύχνις Δαν said:

While I don't dispute that a different browser would be a good choice (I gave up using Safari years ago), my version of Safari is older than Michael's and displays the site ok.

Ouch. 😀  That refutes my theory quite handily. So I agree with the re-install option.

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Hello Michael


Im no Apple Genius but here is a simple test that might work for you.

Open the Accordance website using Mozilla Firefox. Do not use Safari.

Sign in to the Forum using this browser.

If it opens and displays there with no problem then you know something is goofy with Safari.

Going back to Safari try these steps:


1 Hit the refresh button in the address field

2 Go to History and Clear History

3 Go to bookmarks and delete Accordance  and delete in the favorites list.

4 Do a Restart

5 Open Safari and type in Accordancebible.com again

6 Go to Forums and retry again


As they say in the UK: Have a go ▶️






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