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Issue with bible import when verses start with markup


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When I try to import the following custom bible there is an error during import regarding the third line.


Gen 1:1 Text before <color=gray>Gray</color> Text after
Gen 1:2 Text before <color=gray>Gray</color>
Gen 1:3 <color=gray>Gray</color> Text after


The error message translated says something like

"the html-tag at the end of the text

Gen 1:3 <color=gray>Gray</color>

cannot be used without previously setting the corresponding tag."




It looks to me like this happens only when there is no text at the beginning of the verse so the verse starts with the markup tag directly.


(Using Accordance 13.1.5 on Windows 10)

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Thanks, it worked with the Unicode character as a quick fix (I'm using UTF-8). I will test it again with the next Accordance release.

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Unfortunately this is not 100% fixed. Only the first occurrences is fixed. But if there are more than one is the bug still there. 


For example Gen 1:1 <i>In</i> works

                     Gen 1:2 <i>fjlsj</i> fails and all following. 

Please check UTF-8 and MacOS Roman. And a full Bible with more than 1 occurrences.



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