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Question 1. A couple of days ago I watched Dr. J's Understanding Syntax Video (Understanding Syntax, Lighting the Lamp Podcast #135) and today a friend asked precisely the question that Dr. J answers. How often do we have the word אלהים appear with a plural verb. So I was excited to give it a try. I carefully set up the construct search as close to the one in the video as possible (it is not exact as there are some differences in the most up-to-date Accordance in contrast to the video). Long story short, after a couple of hours of trying I had no success. Dr. J's search, although it was a couple of years ago, came up with 7 hits. The Syntax module has been updated from then so there should be at least that many. I am getting none. So obviously I am doing something wrong.


So what did I do, exactly?


1. Control 3 to add my construct window

2. CLAUSE = Independent

3. add Subject

4. add Predicate

5. under Subject, I wrote אלהים

6. under Predicate, I selected PLURAL

7. search


This is what the video shows. I just tried one last and different search. All the same as above, but under CLAUSE, I left it as ANY CLAUSE, and got 28 hits. It did not care if I left the level at 0 or at 2 as in the video.


Follow up: of my 28 hits, when the verb is plural, in most cases it has little direct bearing to אלהים, except where by אלהים the gods are intended. Perhaps there was one hit looking at it very quickly. Any help in doing a search where the plural verb is associated with אלהים rather than with other matters happening in that verse would be most appreciated.


Follow up 2: Genesis 31:53 is the first hit for Dr. J's search. I'm glad it is appearing in mine, also, but in my case it is the second. My first hit is Genesis 20:13. I was able to reduce the hits from 28 to 15 by unchecking ALLOW HITS WITHING SUB-CLAUSES.


Reference page (in video, from minute 15:00 ff.)

Understanding Syntax - (Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast #135) - Accordance


Question 2. In the documentation for the add-on Hebrew Syntax, I found a link that permits me in theory to download a number of different construct windows to play with. The link takes me to an 404 error message. Do these sample construct windows still exist?


Many thanks to all.

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Here's the search I run. Note that all the levels are set at 0 and sub-clause searching is not allowed. There are currently 10 hits, though I just corrected Judg 9:9 to reflect an impersonal subject of the plural verb, so there are 9 accurate hits in the database. 





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This is fascinating! I was able to replicate your search, which gives very different results than those of Dr. J. At first glance, your search gives what appears to me as the true and correct responses. This search is fascinating to me for several reasons, out of the nine hits, six of them are in regard to the heathen gods, rather than to the God of Israel. There are three other hits that make this quite interesting. The last one (2 Chronicles 32:15), Sennacherib speaks of אלהים  using a plural verb and the first hit is also very interesting because some versions of the Scriptures translate the word אלהים as judges (Exodus 22:9). So, based on this, I need to report to my friend that there is but one, and that one debated by the translators, instance where אלהים is associated with a plural verb. I am really grateful for the screen shots, which made it possible for me to quickly and easily replicate your search results. In the third hit, the least interesting, Judges 9:9, we have a plural, but although it is in proximity to אלהים, it refers to the olive trees honoring God and man. Thanks so much, Robert, for taking the time to help me out. I am having a thrilling Christmas break and am most grateful to you and the people at Accordance.

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