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Import PDF as User Tool stops at 30-40%


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This year for the Catholic daily readings I've been using a User Tool made by importing the USCCB 2020 liturgical calendar PDF. It lists the readings for each day, and the import process turns most of the Scripture references into links. It was a quick solution to the fact that the Catholic Lectionary devotional doesn't work.


Now that 2021 is close, I tried to import the USCCB 2021 liturgical calendar PDF. Unfortunately, importing produces no result. Steps to reproduce:

  1. File > User Files > Import User Tool…
  2. Select PDF and Create a new User Tool.
  3. Select the file, downloaded from the link above.
  4. Type a name (it fails both with the default and with "USCCB 2021 Calendar").
  5. A progress dialog appears, quickly reaches 30–40%, and then disappears.

I also tried it with the 2020 PDF, which doesn't work now either (since I re-downloaded it, it's possible that it's not the same file I imported earlier this year). I quit Accordance and restarted it. That didn't help either.


Accordance 13.1.5, macOS 10.14.6.


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I guess it is what I mentioned lastly. 

The import fails by trying to link the scripture refs. For example the one in red 



Rom 5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21/Lk 12:35-38 (474) 


crash the import. It would be good if Accordance can handle commas in the scripture refs. Or if this is not possible it doesn't link and we have later do do it by hand. But the import works. 


Personal wish: Commas are supported and if ultimately after the verse ref follows a "f" or "ff" the automatic link take them to in the link. Like Rom 1,4f or Rom 1,6ff.



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I worked around the bug by extracting the pages that interested me and importing them as HTML.


Details: I extracted pages 14–44 of the 2021 PDF with GoodReader. Accordance failed to import this in the same way, so the bug wasn't caused by extra material at the beginning or end. I then used MS Word to convert the PDF to a Word doc, and saved it as filtered HTML. Accordance was able to import the resulting HTML, and I edited the result so that all of the month headings were marked as such.

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