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New Install/Library Organization?

Julia Falling

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Hey – Back in Catalina, I had some problems, got help from Technical Assistance.  Because I had an identical install on my iMac, I was able to AirDrop the Prefs in my User Library to my MacBook Pro and substitute my already organized Prefs for the essentially blank ones on the MBP.


My hushand had some major problems with his new install of Big Sur on his MBP (2018) and had to do a full erase and reinstall of OS and all his apps.  Rather than him having to organize his Accordance Library from Scratch, can we AirDrop my organiztion to his Mac?  Is the library organization in User>Library>Application Support>Accordance>Accordance Preferences?  


I am running Big Sur without any major problems on my 2017 MBP (but w/ some frustration, trying to figure out how to do stuff I used to know how to do).



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Sending you a direct message, Julia.

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