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Search using Key number in Hebrew Texts


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I find it strange that it's not possible to search any of the Hebrew Texts using Key Numbers, especially since you can see Key numbers for the Hebrew words in interlinear view. Ask the Keyed texts like for i.e. Greek text GNT-TRS or English KJVS you can search by either going to the Search Menu and select Enter Key Numbers. Alternatively by Enter Command > Key.


You can also see the Hebrew word is tagged if having i.e, KJVS in parallel with a Hebrew text and hoover over the words.


Is there a way to search a Hebrew text using the Key Numbers either Strong's or G/K?

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OL texts cannot be searched directly by KEY as far as I know. The OL texts are not tagged with the keys. I believe the TRS is the only exception I know of in the Greek.


But you can do it indirectly via the TEXT command. For example this in a NA28 Greek NT tab :  [ESVS  [KEY G1100] ]


In the BHS you can do :  [ESVS  [KEY H1100] ]




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